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Unwilling to pay the $80 – $100 for a guitar rack made in China, I searched for a cheap do it yourself answer. The goal was to get parts from a local hardware store and put a guitar rack for multiple guitars together for less than $20. After scouring the internet, the guides I found were less than satisfactory. So I went on a mission to design and make the ultimate multiple guitar PVC guitar rack. Here is is a guide…
Problems I Found

  • Missing Part Values
  • Design Flaws (Balance Issues, Far Wall Proximity, Strength Issues)
  • Vague Descriptions
  • Difficult To Follow
  • Lack Of Pictures And Diagrams

My Design

  • Strong
  • Balanced
  • Spacing for acoustic/multiple guitars
  • Close wall proximity (can place against wall)
  • All parts available at major home improvement stores

Why assemble before gluing?
Unless you’d prefer your rack to look as wonky/uneven as the eyes of the late Marty Feldman, I’d suggest pre-assembling the rack, marking the pieces with a pen and then gluing everything together.